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Specializing in
Non-Surgical Solutions
for Problem Knees

Specializing in Non-Surgical Solutions for Problem Knees

Patrick Barry, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, has specialized in problem knees for more than 40 years. He has perfected a non-invasive knee manipulation technique that realigns the knee, immediately brings relief and helps people of all ages return to their normal lives. There are no shots, no braces and no pills – only Dr. Barry’s hands!

Do you suffer from bad knees?

Do you have pain and/or difficulty walking, running or climbing stairs? Get knee pain relief, contact Dr. Barry for a consultation now.  Hablas Español? Haga clic aquí

Many patients come to Dr. Barry after other doctors have recommended knee replacement surgery. In addition to helping many people avoid surgery, Dr. Barry helps people who already had surgeries that didn’t work, victims of accidents and sports injuries, and people who don’t know why their nagging knee pain just won’t go away. See how Dr. Barry’s non-surgical knee procedure works.

Contact Dr. Barry if you have the following knee problems:

  • Pain and/or difficulty walking, running or climbing stairs
  • Pain at night
  • Bone-on-bone arthritis
  • Clicking, grinding or catching of the knee
  • Swelling and/or fluid in the knee
  • Dissatisfaction with prior knee surgery
  • Told you need knee surgery but don’t want it. Or have had a total or partial knee replacement and are still unhappy.

Dr. Barry’s innovative knee manipulation/mobilization procedure has caught the attention of top medical reporters and media outlets. Here is a sampling of some of his news coverage and interviews: